Still here…

Yet another blog break there, but if you read my other (sewing) blog you’ll know we had a bit of a family tragedy, which has been all-consuming and hasn’t left much time or energy, or, to be honest, interest in anything else.  Still, life does go on and I am determined to keep looking forward and so here I am, back blogging.


Like most of the UK, our poor garden has been hiding under a blanket of snow (ok, so I wrote this a week or so ago and haven’t published it yet, there’s no snow right now), I didn’t cloche any of my remaining crops and the kale, chard, carrots, salad and over-wintering broad beans are not looking happy, that is the ones that haven’t turned to slime.  Still, my potatoes have arrived in record early time (Thompson & Morgan, in my experience, usually send them out late) so I have a very reserved 20 ‘Charlotte’ variety ‘chitting‘ in the kitchen.  I’ve opted for a lot less this year as we are now getting blight quite early and badly, I’m going to plant them in a completely different part of the garden and the tomatoes are going back into the green house, I do hope this helps.

The potatoes were delivered along with some shallots ‘Longor’, which will be planted when the ground has thawed slightly.  I had hoped to experiment with planting some of my own, from last year, but we’ve eaten most of them and the remaining ones aren’t looking very happy.

PL2000002157_card PL2000020221_card

I am most excited to see what comes up from my Autumn planting, in the side border (see this post for the list) but I couldn’t resist some extra flowers:

Ranunculus ‘Purple Heart’

Anemone coronaria ‘Bordeaux’

…yet more in purple/black!  They were both bought from the Crocus sale (whose images I have used above, which I know is naughty).  I might add these to the raised bed that, at the moment, has all my spring cutting flowers in, or maybe I’ll put them in a pot…I’m not sure yet.  I’ve killed every ranunculus that I’ve plated so far and some of the more tender anemone, so if I plant them in the raised beds they’ll be easier to cloche in cooler weather.  It’ll be interesting to see how they grow differently from Autumn planted bulbs of the same.

DSC_0056Finally, I hope to eat the last of the squash on coming weeks, I struggle after a while, to find new ways to cook them; I’m thinking baking is the way to go.  They are still in great condition, it always amazes me how long they last for once brought inside.

I hear we are in for another cool snap, I hope it doesn’t last as I’m keen to get outdoors and tidy up a little, I do love seeing all this little shoots emerge when you clear away the dead leaves.



8 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Lovely to see you back blogging Beth, I’m sorry to hear its all been a struggle of late, but I’m sure it will get better and like you say its important to keep being positive…I am trying to do the same at the mo. I’m sure once spring comes round it will feel more hopeful with the new flowers and brighter light. I love these beautiful colours in those flowers you’ve planted, I do love deep purple! And your squash is very pretty, I love there colours 🙂 I have missed reading your blogs, so am very chuffed to see you back on here again 🙂 Keep plodding on and I will be thinking of you and your family and hope that some lovely brighter days are ahead for you all, love safxxx

    • I’m hopefully back for good Saf, I miss my little sewing/gardening/blogging world and the friends I know there so I’m ready to get back to regular posting. Hope you’re OK? sounds like you’re not having much fun either. Bx

  2. Have been thinking of you lots over the last few weeks. It is good to know that you are surviving so far. Fingers crossed for a good period of weather so you can get out into the garden – definitely a boost to the spirits. Juliex

    • We’re doing well, thanks Julie. I’ve just come back from Yorkshire (clearing out the house) and I’m ready for Spring and to move forwards into 2013, some sunny days (and I don’t mind them being cold, as long as they’re sunny) would be very welcome. Bxx

  3. I was surprised to see my ranunculus come up in few spots but a lots of them died so I will probably do lots of containers next year. The season has definitely started but would be lovely for the cold to go away.

    • I agree, the small taste of milder days has me very ready for spring. I don’t know why I always kill my ranunculus, I assume it’s lack of mulching or covering in general during winter….but we also tend to get lots of bulbs eaten so maybe they just taste very nice! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Love the colour o f the ranunculus ! Beautiful – and those squash -I can’t believe you still have some left- what varieties are they? I didn’t have much luck with mine last year which is a bit upsetting when I have to keep buying them for my veggie daughter !

    • Hi Nikki,

      Yes, I’m quite excited about the ranunculus, I do hope I manage to grow them this year! The squash in the photo are Turk’s Turban, Crown Prince and the small ones are Hooligan. They need to be eaten soon or they will dry out but I’m always amazed how long they last, just left indoors in a cool spot.


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