Vegetable Planting Lists 2013…

I nearly wrote 2012 in the title, I keep forgetting we are in a new year.


So, it’s that time again, when I pull out the slightly dusty seed boxes and have a look at what’s in there.  In the olden days, the boxes wouldn’t be dusty, as I’d have spent the colder months obsessing about what I’m going to grow, but my early enthusiasm for the garden has waned over the years, partly as my sewing has taken over and also as I try to get  grip on the house.


Spurred by recent sewing (spring flower brooches) I feel inspired, and this year, I really want a pretty garden again, and I know it’s not that hard.  There are a few rules I need to set myself though, use up all my existing seed and remember that we will be away at crucial points so I HAVE to consider how the seedlings and plants will survive if not watered daily.  Also, the usual rule of only plant what we will eat applies, I hate to see precious hours of work end up in the compost heap because I lost the energy to deal with the excess.

Here’s what we have so far, and I’m not saying I will plant all these, just that I have the seeds should I choose to:




San Marzone




Money Maker F1

Aubergine Slim Jim 

Sweet Pepper

Topepo Rosso

Jumbo Sweet F1 Hybrid



Hot Stuff x 3

Long Red Slim Cayenne


Violette di Chioggia

Cape Gooseberry





Cucino F1 Hybrid


Burpless Tasty Green


French Breakfast


Cherry Bell

Swiss Chard

Bright Lights

White Silver 




Sweet Nugget


Spring Onions

Welsh Red Stem

North Holland Blood Red

Kai Lan

Pak Choi

Mei Qing Choi







Broad Beans (Crimson Red)


Red Arrow






Rainbow Hybrid

Purple Haze




Crown Prince

Sweet Dumpling


Queensland Blue

Turks Turban



Cavolo Nero

Ok, I think that’s enough for now.  I also have a ton of salad leaves, more herbs that I’d know what to do with plus some successional peas, but I think they warrant a post of their own.

There are glaring omissions, such as french beans etc but my aim for this year is to use up existing seeds.  I’ve also decided to change some of my planting methods, I’m going to go back to having tomatoes, cucumber, chillies, aubergines and melons in the greenhouse.  I’ve also ordered a big trough, so I can plant the potatoes (and later salad leaves) away from the vegetable patch in an attempt to avoid early killing from blight.  It’ll probably go on the drive, where we get tons of sun and also where the outside taps are so I can lessen my dragging water around should we get another hose pipe ban.  I’ll add a second trough if it works and looks nice.


Oh and I planted out the shallots the other day, I put them in much closer together than normal and with their tips sticking out.  Look at my kneeler….do you think we might have mice problem 😉


On a slightly separate note, I bought this organic vegetable box with my Ocado order last week.  I liked it, we were forced to eat things we wouldn’t normally, for instance cabbage.  It’s not that I don’t like cabbage but I’d just normally opt for kale, ideally from the garden.  I can imagine the summer boxes are a little more exciting.


Best get out there, it’s frosty but the sky is looking promising for a bright, sunny day and one of my first jobs is to tackle the greenhouse…..oh dear!

13 thoughts on “Vegetable Planting Lists 2013…

  1. I have exactly the same philosophy for this year – use up all the existing seeds or at least as much as possible! Great list btw and I am very impressed that you grow aubergines and melons. I just tackled my greenhouse yesterday and it felt so good. I must add pak choi to my list but it will probably end us in a container.

    • Some of my seed is so old, I’ll be very surprised if it germinates, that’s the down side of my only planting smaller amounts (ie just what we can eat), after the first few veg garden years of HUGE gluts of some things. The aubergines and melons are a bit hit and miss, they did really well for a few years, but last time I didn’t get one 😦 which is partly why I’m going back to using the greenhouse for the whole season. Melon ‘Edonis’ is a smallish one, especially good for growing here and they tast amazing, super, super sweet.

      Love pak choi, one thing I’ll grow every year.

      Roll on Spring!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful plan! Now, a post on flower planting list next? 🙂
    When you said you’re putting tomatoes etc in greenhouse, did you mean they do all the growing inside the greenhouse? Did that work out well? -Lillian

    • Yes, a flower post should be soon as I fully intend to get the cutting patch back up and running properly this year, with neat little rows and everything!

      For the tomatoes etc, yes, I’ll grow them entirely in the greenhouse, we are lucky here in the south that we get quite warm summers (for the UK, anyway) so I can start them in the greenhouse, then move them outdoors, but last year was dismal so I’m doing the lot under glass this year. I grew them this way for the first few years and the yields were very high, the biggest problem was keeping it cool enough on very hot days. It gets a bit crowded and I’ll have to use every bit of space but it’ll also be easier to water as I can attach hoses, with sprinklers, to the ceiling on a timing system for when we are away. Bonus 🙂

  3. It looks like a glorious day to be gardening beth 🙂 I do hope you have a lovely day today, the sun is out and even though its cold it does feel more spring like today 🙂 I love the picture of your flower broaches in progress! Really lovely…your gardening plan sounds like a sensible one and it will be lovely to see what springs up soon 🙂 hope your well and having a nice time, love safxxx

    • Hi Saf,

      It is indeed a lovely day, we’ve been outdoors for most of it, but I now have a numb mouth from a dentists appointment so I’ve come inside to drool in peace. I hear it wont last and it’s going to turn cold again – boo! – I was all excited and have removed loads of the leaves etc from my flower border, so I hope the frost doesn’t damage the now exposed shoots, that would be bad.

      Hope all’s well with you. Bx

  4. Hello there! I came across your blog a little while ago and am really enjoying it! I am just in the progress of sorting out my seeds etc for the new planting season here in Wales.

    I hope you don’t mind but I have nominated you for the Liebster Award – it’s just a fun way of recommending blogs to others and there is no obligation to take part, so no one will be offended if you don’t 🙂 The details are on my blog (on today’s 2nd post), so maybe you’ll have time to stop by and take part (as I said, don’t worry if you can’t/don’t feel like it). Looking forward to reading more on your blog! Kirsten

    • Hi Kirsten, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting, and especially for the blog award. I’m really enjoying back reading your blog, I’ll make sure I mention the award in a future post (I am notoriously bad at passing them along, although I don’t get many here at Rock Cottage, I do get quite a few over on my sewing blog). Thanks again, Beth 🙂

  5. Hi Beth-great list of seeds- I haven’t really got round yet to sorting mine out and your blog has reminded me to get sorting! you have a good size greenhouse! – mine is smaller -I too tend to grow my tomatoes and peppers and chillies in there. I am fascinated about your watering system- that has been my downfall the last two years _ remembering to water! How does it work?

    • Hi Nikki, sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. My watering system probably sounds a lot more fancy than it is, last time, I just wired a hose with a single sprinkle end to the ceiling and made sure all the lower leaves of plants were removed so when it went off (the hose was on a timer switch) water reached all the pots. It was a bit home made but actually worked like a treat. I have a trickle system that I might set up this time, also on timer. Bethx

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