Spring is here….we hope!

What a difference some sunshine makes.  We returned from a very short break to find the garden finally in spring mode.  The work earlier in the side border is paying off as I see Muscari ‘Golden Fragrance’ and some very pretty Fritillaria that I bought on a whim last year looking lovely.  There is also much promise of the future flora here, lots of things growing well, I’d love to take some photos for you, but sadly, the situation looks like this


still rabbit proofed and it’ll have to stay that way for a while longer as those pesky furry critters are killing my top border eating anything in site, so I can only see the pretties when I go and look over the side of the fence.  I’m thinking about attempting to rabbit proof the whole garden again, maybe, or turning all Mr McGregor and taking a liking to rabbit pie.


I’ve mostly been tidying and weeding in the garden and enjoying seeing what has survived the winter.  Last year I threw some unknown seeds into the large pots to see what happened, they turned out to be Kale ‘Red Russian’ which I’ve thinned out.  They look a bit scrappy at the moment but I’m impressed that they have germinated at all, considering our dreadful weather.

There are also some Purple Sprouting Broccoli plants in various stages, this would be because I planted different varieties to span the season, but sadly I can’t remember which is which!  I’ve cut out the main tip, to force the side shoots to grow and I’m most excited about eating them with some nice anchovy and caper butter.  The everlasting Spinach ‘Perpetual’ is growing well as are Chard ‘Bright Lights’, Alpine Strawberries and there is hope for my Wild Garlic this year plus the Garlic and Shallots planted earlier are growing well.


I wanted to post this photo of some shallots, abandoned in the greenhouse last autumn.  They are still in great condition, firm and very edible just left unprotected and in full daylight, which considering the ones brought indoors are long gone, mainly from being eaten but some went a bit nasty and had to be thrown out.  It makes me think I might just store them in the greenhouse in future.


I hope to move my indoor seedlings outside this week (into the unheated greenhouse) and get the next batch sown.  I’ve just prepped this pepper for my tea tonight (the good old halved pepper, tomatoes, garlic, basil and chopped up anchovy, ready to roast for 30mins – yummy!) and it made me quite excited about home grown salad crops, let’s just hope this sunshine and warmer weather lasts 🙂


One thought on “Spring is here….we hope!

  1. Hi Beth,
    It does feel like spring has come at last doesn’t it! Thank god 🙂 your garden border is looking lovely, it must be very satisfying to see it thriving so well. Ow that pepper salad is making me hungry, very tasty 🙂 I’m glad you had a nice break away, it feels good to have a change sometimes doesn’t it, hope you and your family are well, safxxx

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