Cutting Patch 2013…

I have spent most of my spare time this weekend in the garden, the weather is glorious and we are all soaking up the sunshine, whilst it lasts.  I’ve mostly been power-hosing down the wood; the garden table and chairs, staging from the greenhouse and decking, in preparation of a good feed with oil.  Although I find the miracle of watching the nasty green sludge disappear (it is so satisfying) my back now hurts and I’m not overly excited about hours of painting on oil, but it does (desperately) need doing.

As a reward, I planted up one of the raised beds with flowers for cutting.  I’ve missed having cut flower beds this past year, so I’m really excited about making space for them again.  I’m trying, for the moment, to use up any seed I have left as most is really very old now and bearing this in mind, I’ve been very generous with how much I’ve put in, often tipping all the remaining seed into the soil.

I’ve given a whole bed up at the moment (I will probably add a second) and it contains:

  • Antirrhinum/Snapdragon – whatever was growing in my greenhouse floor that I transplanted!
  • Calendula Officinalis/MarigoldIndian Prince
  • Nigella Damascena/Love-in-a-mistDeep Blue
  • Nigella Hispanica/Love-in-a-mist
  • Tithonia Rotundifolia/Mexican Sunflower
  • Salvia Viridis – Blue Clary
  • Moluccella Laevis/Bells of Ireland
  • Zinnia – Sprite

So in photos ( all taken from big seed sellers like Thompson & Morgan, sites like BBC Gardening, or they are my own photos……it’s so insanely hard to find images on-line I feel comfortable using!! I must make a mental note to do some simple photos of the flower blooms this year, especially for this purpose):


DSC_0237imgres-12797imgres-2imagesimgres-35231_7I really like growing both the Nigellas so I can have their seed heads for floral arrangements,

dsc_0257in this image, from 2009, you can see how beautiful they are (the seeds on the right are Sweet Pea seeds, I should mention my attempt at growing them this year has been dismal so far).

All the seeds sown today are now watered in and have cloches on top to keep the soil nice and warm. The forecast is promising, but I might still be a little keen considering how cold is has been recently, I guess time will tell.

There is more to add, I have Ammi Majus and Dill to grow next to my peas in a vegetable bed and I’d like to squeeze in some Cleome, some Centaurea Cyanus/Cornflower and I HAVE to find space for the hefty collection of Cosmos seeds that I have.

Apologies if I mix up common and latin names, I am a bit rubbish in this area, in that I just know what I call them and it could be either so you get what you get I’m afraid.  Also, I can’t spell, but you probably know that by now 🙂



5 thoughts on “Cutting Patch 2013…

  1. I have almost identical list of flowers, lots of cosmos and zinnias have germinated, snapdragons are already small plants, nigella and calendula will go direct (I have actually tipped out three bags of my own collected calendula seeds to the ‘meadow’ just to get rid of them as there will be more!). I am still waiting for the bells of Ireland and euphorbia oblongata to flower, it has been three weeks and no action whatsoever. I might use up all my hollyhock seeds, I have so many and you are right, no point of keeping old seeds.

    • Oh I love the idea of calendula in the ‘meadow’ I’ve ordered plug plants to get a meadow going here, but must remember to just save my own seed heads. I have struggled over the years to get bells of ireland to germinate, I think I managed on 2 occasions but it was hard and that was with new seed. Good luck with yours, I look forward to reading how you get on. Bethx

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