I wish I had glorious photos for you today, sadly I don’t, as I have been too busy doing and mostly forgot to take any, plus it’s been very bright here (I KNOW, it’s a miracle) and it’s so hard to take good pictures with such harsh shadows.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the garden, finally getting on with those jobs that I’ve been hoping the garden fairy will do for me.  There isn’t a garden fairy, that would be me then.


First up was sorting out the border between us and the neighbours.  When we moved here, six years ago there was no fence, well there was a very shabby chicken wire number that could be stepped over on old, rotten posts.  After some resistance, the neighbours eventually put up a wooden fence similar to the one on their other side; I think, that after years of having a nice view over an empty garden and woodland, they realised seeing my kids running around in pants (my boys favourite summer look) and a messy lawn strewn with plastic toys wasn’t quite the same and a little privacy was best for all.  I planted shrubs, bulbs, climbing roses and hellebores along the length, in the hope of creating a nice green border with some interest on our side.  It’s never really taken off and I stupidly didn’t think about how it would be impossible to mow the grass between the plants, so it ends up looking very scruffy by mid summer.


As a solution, I decided to edge the border, using Smartedge.  This is obviously their promo image but shows nicely what the product is and I’ve linked to their site, although you can buy it all over the place.


It’s quite expensive and it took me a long time to dig in the first 5 meter length, with a deep enough edge to slip the plastic into place, before then digging over all the ground behind to remove the grass.  I’ve pinned down the A frame, so the grass can grow through and we can mow over it.  I love this idea, as with a third of an acre to mow, anything that makes the job easier is great.


I had this little fella for company (sorry about the bad photo but I just wanted to leave him in peace to head back into the long grass).  We get a lot of slow worms that come through from the wooded area at the bottom of the garden, they like to sunbathe under our bay window.


Having gone back out today, I am happy the expense of the edging is worth it.  I think this is going to look great and will be so much easier to maintain.  For this year, I’m leaving it as is, I plan to add bulbs in the Autumn (muscari, some small narcissus and maybe some fritillaria, just because I love them so) and then to cover the soil in wood chippings, in a hope to keep the weeds down.

On a totally separate note, can you see all the moss in our lawn?  It reached epic proportions last year, we can no longer mow easily (the mower gets stuck on the moss, which is higher and denser than the grass) and it has got ridiculously lumpy, it’s like stepping on a sponge, so I’m afraid we’ve decided to kill it.  The tipping point was a  number of our neighbours standing around looking at it and declaring they’d never seen such a bad moss problem, ever (one being a gardener for a living).  I am in no need of a perfect lawn, ours will never be that and I’ll be sad to see all the little weeds go (that I rather like) but the nasty smelling death to moss stuff has been applied and with quite a lot of work it should be more grass than moss, by the end of the year.  I hope so anyway.


I’ve also decided to rabbit proof the garden.  The side border is looking rather beautiful, with all the recent planting paying off, only it’s still protected by wire, which rather takes the joy out of things.  I will remove it in coming weeks, but I really need to next plant stage to be firmly established before I do, so the rabbits don’t chomp away at the sweet, new shoots.

I am going to change my surname to Mc Gregor 😉

PS, I’m sure it goes without saying, but the opinions of Smartedge are just my own and clearly, I didn’t get any free for writing this post.


6 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. It looks so nice ans neat Beth. I think I need that, we are planning to cut into the lawn at some point.

    • I just got to fed-up of strimming around our other border edging and also the grass managing to keep breaking through into the border itself, I really hope this is easier to keep and the downside of having black plastic in there is easily hidden. Bx

  2. I really envy your beautiful garden Beth, especially all the lovely flowers 🙂 Its worth having the fence to protect them. I’m sure once that edging around the lawn has set and grows over it will feel very satisfying! Am glad your enjoying the lovely weather in your garden, its glorious at the mo. Hope you’ve been well 🙂 Safxxx

    • Hi Saf, I am well thanks, just a bit absent from my sewing blog (but hoping to be back soon!). We are very, very lucky with our garden, it’s a bit wild and messy in places but I kind of like that and it’s so very lovely to look out on from the kitchen and watch the wildlife (mainly rabbits) at play. Hope you’re also well. Bethx

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