Organising Seeds…

DSC_0028I’ve been using my two trusty seeds boxes for years.  I’ve talked about them before and I love the sturdy monthly tabs and the fact that they neatly fit two standard size packets of seeds side by side. I use one box for flower seeds and one for vegetables.


The problem is that for vegetables seeds I simply have too many, plus lots come in larger packets (eg peas and beans), so things spill over into whatever is handy, in the case above, an old egg box lid.


Now that the wonderful Ocado deliver all sorts, apart from food, I decided to take advantage and buy a new, larger, tin made by Burgon & Ball.  It’s great as all my seeds fit inside.  I may upgrade the monthly separator tabs as they are a bit flimsy (I’ll cut my own from thicker card, or re-enforce the ones included) but it does the job nicely and stops my extra seed piles from taking over the kitchen.


On a separate note, the flower seedlings arrived from Sarah Raven at the weekend, and have been planted out.  I have no room to pot them up in the greenhouse and they were quite a good size so they’ve gone into the ground direct.  We had lovely sun all weekend and today rain, which is almost a blessing, as I wont have to worry about them drying out.

On the whole, it’s looking promising out there, I just hope the wood pigeons, slugs and mice stay away, I will be heartbroken to find all the hard work munched.


6 thoughts on “Organising Seeds…

  1. So glad you had a lovely sunny weekend Beth, I’m sure your seedlings will do well from the rain today. I love your new seed box! Its lovely and looks like it will do the job very well. I also love to organise thing into things (especially boxes) so I understand why you feel pleased with it 🙂 Good luck with your garden, I do hope it goes well and I can’t wait to see the pictures! Safxxx

  2. I gave my Mum that seed tin for Christmas – it looked a great size. And much nicer than our cardboard boxes. One day we’ll get something a bit tidier ourselves! Hope the slithery munchy things don’t find your new plants…

    • It is a good size, but there’s nothing wrong with a cardboard box – whatever works! I am killing all the slitherly munchy things with rather too much glee, I am hoping my youngest doesn’t notice as he is fully against killing any animal or insect. I would feel mean, but they have done so much damage I’ve become a hardened slug killer 😉 Bx

  3. That looks like a pretty perfect seed tin, and look at these healthy plants! I am glad it is raining after three days of sun the garden needs it, everything looks twice the size.

    On my mission to use up old seeds my collection has shrunk considerably which will mean large orders next year!

    • It feels good doesn’t it? To see the old seed packets get used and yes, new seeds next year, I am quite looking forward to a winter of obsessive seed catalogue browsing!

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