I’m Rubbish…and A New Shed…

My youngest son is looking over my shoulder and thinks the title is very funny.  Well actually he just likes to be allowed to say, over and over, “You’re rubbish!”  Anyway, I am absolutely embarrassed to realise that nearly 4 months have passed since Kirsten of The Happy Larder kindly passed the Liebster Award along to me.  To be fair, the end of last year and beginning of this weren’t the best for us and I dropped a lot of balls but it’s still pretty useless of me to not say thanks.  I’m a lucky lady, as I run two blogs, I’ve been the recipient of the Liebster Award a few times on my other blog, and I’m afraid, over the years I’ve become really crap at passing awards along, but do please pop over to The Happy Larder as you wont be disappointed, so many lovely recipes and food ideas, well worth a visit.  Thank you Kirsten and sorry again, for the delay in mentioning it.

I have a new shed.


As mentioned in recent posts, we are planning quite a big garden overhaul, and it will include a second shed (ours is currently so jam packed with bikes, preserving jars and junk, that you can hardly get the door open).  I had thought to move the garden tools that sit in the corner of my greenhouse into the new one, but realised I’d be way too lazy to go get them or put them away properly, it being a bit away from ‘the patch’ so I treated myself to a mini tall shed, just for my tools.


I was completely sucked in by the image on the Cuprinol website and chose some lovely shed stain in ‘Summer Damson’, I decided to keep the inside natural.  The shed came from the Garden Site (who have a great price and I’m very happy with) but is made by Forest Garden and can be bought all over the place.  I have to say, having been so disappointed by the garden trough (NOT ordered from Garden Site or Forest Garden) the shed was such a pleasure to put up.  Power tools were needed but it was super easy to assemble and the instructions were nice and clear.

I only opted to put the one shelf up inside, so I can easily fit my tall tools in, but I plan to add some hooks etc.  I Love it.

M is so impressed by the colour, he’s given me permission to paint our existing shed damson as well – bonus!


If you’re wondering why the photos of the shed are a bit dodgy (note the single pot of verbena shoved by the side for prettiness) and why there are no inside shots, it’s because the shed is still empty and I was rushing to take a photo in the rain before we dashed off the Centre Parcs for the weekend (oldest’s B-Day treat).  Sorry for those that read both my blogs, you’ve seen these images already but we LOVED Centre Parcs, I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed, I was sure I’d find it too artificial and busy (and it was very, very busy, you just have to time things right) but actually, if you relax into accepting what it is, the holiday was wonderful.  I loved our lodge in the woods, we are quite spoilt having so much glass in our home and lots of wildlife directly outside the kitchen but it was still fun watching deer, squirrels, rabbits (OK, maybe not the rabbits, I see enough of them every day) and ducks wander past.


On our return, I planted this lot out.  Finally, I have peas!….pending the mice still not stealing them now they are in the garden.  On the down side, my cucumbers, aubergines and melons are not looking so happy.  I was a bit naughty, potting them up too swiftly (there should have been another medium sized pot in-between) and they may not make it, as they are obviously trying to grow roots to fill their new cavernous space, instead of leaves.  So silly/lazy of me, I should know better, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


I took the rabbit proof wire off the side border, since taking this image, the iris have all opened.  I am loving this bed this year, so far it is colourful and full and puts the rest of the garden to shame.

OK, it’s Sunday, I am home alone (M is in Berlin, doing an Iron Man – go Marcus!) and I am about to make some Speedy No-Knead Bread – I’ll let you know how that goes.




5 thoughts on “I’m Rubbish…and A New Shed…

  1. Hi Beth,
    I am home alone too 🙂 looking after my mums dog as all my family has gone up to London to see the Iranian side of the family…I hope your having a nice evening, good luck to your husband too, I hope it goes well for him. I do love the colour of your new shed, it goes well with the colour of the flowers in the flower bed… Maybe not intentional, but very pretty! I’m glad your peas are coming along and centre parks does look like it must’ve been really lovely for you all 🙂 have a lovely evening with your boys 🙂 safxxx

    • Hi Saf, Thanks for your lovely comments 🙂 The race went well for M, it seems an age ago and now he’s in the US so we are home alone again. I hope you are enjoying the sun and are somewhere nice this weekend. Bx

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