In July, we are eating…

From the garden, not all that much really, which has more to do with my useless start to the planting year than anything else.


The garlic has been pulled and is drying on the kitchen table in full sun (I moved it indoors in anticipation of some thunder showers, it was drying laid out on the decking).  I have set up a watering system for the main part of the patch, and sadly it made the garlic too wet, too late, so I have small bulbs and some had started to rot before I noticed.  Hopefully it is just normal rot and not onion white rot, as that would mean never planting onions or garlic again, or at least not for 15 years.


We’ve had some nice broad beans, mostly used up in salads whilst still small, with peas (frozen, sadly, as mine are not doing very well this year), feta, mint and some lemon and olive oil dressing.  I just picked the last but they are now quite big, so I’ve blanched and peeled them ready to fry up with some chorizo for tonight’s tea.


The tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, aubergines and peppers are looking promising, party due to my genius watering system set up in the greenhouse.  As you can see (can you see?…it involves a small floor sprinkler being wired to the ceiling with the help of the canes from the cucumber pots, and a timer on the tap) this is a pure bodge job, but it works quite well and just about reaches the base of all my pots.  I am hoping, as we are away on and off over the summer, to keep the plants alive until the inevitable blight arrives.


On a completely non-garden produce note, I can’t get enough of Nigella Lawson’s carrot salad, we are eating it rather too much at the moment and the addition of salted peanuts in the house is not improving my diet, but oh boy, does it taste good.  The recipe is here.  I have no idea why I didn’t plant carrots in the plot….I think I just didn’t have a carrot root fly safe container handy.  I will put some in soon for autumn eating.

Apart from the salad crops in the greenhouse, hopefully, also well on their way are:

  • Beetroot
  • Radish
  • Shallots (although they are looking rather poor at the moment)
  • Chard
  • Kale
  • Turnips
  • Pak Choi (which keep bolting in the heat)
  • Courgettes

We also have (always) horseradish root, alpine strawberries and various herbs. Clearly missing are any kind of bean other than broad, pumpkins and squash and salad leaves.  I hope to start my winter planting as soon as the heat cools off and would like to be really organised so I have good crops over the autumn etc.

On the fruit bushes are some apples from my new ‘family’ apple tree – I am very excited about these, there are also crabapples, blackberries, pink gooseberries (ready now and shamefully not picked – I struggle to get the boys to eat gooseberries in any form) and the second redcurrant bush.  Not sure what’s going on with the pear and plum trees I recently planted, pretty much nothing so far.


I’m off to prep dinner now, I plan to use up lots of food in the fridge, this includes mushrooms that I’m going to cook with some of the scapes I took off the garlic, and a touch of yesterday’s butter.  Yum!


7 thoughts on “In July, we are eating…

  1. I can’t believe how much you’ve got growing in your garden – it all sounds and looks amazing.
    I wouldn’t worry about piling on the pounds by eating nuts – I watched a programme the other night with a woman eating 3 helpings of almonds each day for 30 days and she only put on 4lbs.
    Eat what you love, and what makes you happy – in moderation of course! He he!
    Jill xx

    • I think it’s what you also eat as well as the nuts, my husband eats them by the bucket full but he rarely eats carbs and that seems to work for him. I do love nuts though, especially walnuts! Bxx

  2. The carrot salad looks lovely, must try that recipe. We had our first carrots from the garden this week, with lots more to come hopefully. Some of our garlic (and onions) are rather small this year; similar to you I don’t think I gave them enough water in the dry spell, and we lost one or two to rot, as we do each year.
    Your title did make me pause and check that it was still July ;).

    • Ha ha ha – well spotted! I think I am wishing the hot days away, I really an an Autumn girl.

      Glad it’s not just my garlic, they normally do so well, next year I really need to get a watering system in place that isn’t wasteful but that avoids the problems of inconsistent watering in the early growing days.

      The carrot salad is addictive – be warned 😉 Bxx

    • Thanks for all your lovely comments – I’m so behind with replying! We had a great holiday and I’m sorry to hear about your aphids, we are lucky to have a huge amount of ladybirds here, I think it’s my useless leaf clearing over winter, gives them somewhere to live 😉

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