In September, We Were Eating…


Blackberries.  Our best crop ever.


Which I made into jelly, amongst other things, using this recipe.  It was a lot of work and a lot of blackberries for two jars of jam, but it tastes so lovely I’m willing to forgive it.


The last of the cucumbers, some of which were hidden under leaves and got a bit too large.

summer vegetable eating

Beetroot and French radishes, which I was so excited about, because the slugs kept getting them last year and with their white tips, they make me think of Peter Rabbit.


From the corn sown, oh so long ago, we only managed to grow 4 stalks but having done my best bee impression last year and found it worked, I kept them and tried to hand pollinate them by gently rubbing the pollen from the tassel at the tops, onto the silks each time I passed.  I was really pleased to find good cobs with very few missing kernels when they were finally ripe.  They tasted so heavenly, I will always make room for sweetcorn.


I need to take photos of the garden.  I’ve never shown the new fence or decking, now with second shed.  On shed-putting-up-day, to feed the guys I made sausages braised in wine (only I used beer), the recipe comes from Delia Smith and you can find it  here.  I’ve made it many times over the years, the only thing I do differently is often cook the sausages separately and then add them to the ‘sauce’ at the end, that way the fat that comes out doesn’t all end up in the gravy and the sausages are crispy, which I prefer.

For pudding I made an apple pie and some ‘Crunchy’ honey ice cream.  The ice cream was made up but was a total success, so I figured I’d record it here, just so when I come to make it next time I have a recipe!  You need to make the custard the night before (and remember to put the ice cream machine bowl into the freezer).

Crunchy Honey Ice Cream

First I made the custard base, as I always do, but using honey instead of sugar:

500 ml double cream

250 ml whole milk

220 g honey (this is a bit of a guess, I used what was left in the bottle)

4 egg yolks

Put half the cream and all the milk into a pan and scald, by heating until just below boiling point, then cool a little.  Beat the egg yolks with the honey, then add the hot milk mixture, beating all the time.  Return to the hob and stir gently over a low heat until the custard has thickened.  Remove and keep stirring as it cools.  Once cold, put into the fridge overnight.

4 Crunchy Bars (honeycomb toffee with a chocolate coating – yum!)

The next day, whip the remaining cream until it forms soft peaks, then fold into the cold custard mixture.  Pour into the ice cream machine and when nearly set, add the 4 crunchy bars, cut into mixed sized pieces.

Freeze.  Eat.

As for the rest of the September eating, there were also

  • tomatoes,
  • new potatoes
  • kale
  • chard
  • spring onions
  • horseradish root
  • courgettes (now gone 😦 )
  • red peppers
  • aubergines….or one single aubergine as that’s all I managed to grow
  • fennel

It’s garden clean up time, which I have already started.  I really, really need to get the greenhouse properly re-sealed and oiled inside and out and I want all the beds neat and tidy for the winter months.  I feel like I’m being a bit premature pulling quite a lot of the plants up, I know I could eek out some final produce but it all looks so scruffy, that I’m ready for a change.  I also really hope to get some salad on the go before it’s too late.