The Perfect Day…

It’s the most glorious day outside.  After some frosts earlier this week the sun has finally returned and when working in the garden this morning, I had to stop, as I was too hot in my long-sleeved t-shirt!


From my last post list, the following are happily growing.

Tomatoes Brandywine, San Marzano, Tigerella & Ildi

Aubergine Money Maker F1 & Slim Jim 

Sweet Pepper Topepo Rosso, Jumbo Sweet F1 Hybrid & Worldbeater

Chilli (I used some seeds we got for free from a restaurant – no idea of the variety)

The Artichoke and Cape Gooseberry have refused to germinate – boo!  The tomato seeds, as nearly always, all germinated (I put two per jiffy) so I removed one of each.  In past years, I have been weak and have often potted these up, ending with an insane amount of plants and nowhere to put them.  I’ve learnt from that mistake 🙂

Today, I have planted direct:

Radish French Breakfast, Sparkler & Cherry Bell

Beetroot Pablo & Bolthardy

Carrots Yellowstone, Rainbow Hybrid, Purple Haze, Healthmaster & Sugarsnax

Lettuce various varieties

I have so much more I had hoped to get started, but I forgot to buy soil yesterday – oops!


The spring flowers are doing really well, in the borders we’re moving on from anemone ‘blanda blue-flowered’ and aconite Eranthis hyemalis ’ to grape hyacinth, snake’s head fritillary and narcissi plus the tulips are also about to give their show, which is always a pleasure.  As always, there are anemone in the cutting patch and loads of hellebore dotted around the borders (as they are one of my favourites).


I picked the first rhubarb today, to make bellinis for Mother’s Day.  I am home alone with the boys, but I have some mini prosecco bottles in the fridge so why not?  I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe found here, only I cut the rhubarb really small as I quite like some little bits of it in the bottom of the bellini glass to nibble on once the drink is gone.  Oh and I also made it in the microwave, as all my pans were in the dishwasher.


Sorry of you read both my blogs as this is a repeat, but as I know I wont be getting anything for the day itself (poor me – ha ha) I bought myself some chocolates which I will, of course, share with the boys.


As always when I’m on my own (my husband works away every so often) I plan food ahead.  For tomorrow’s Sunday lunch I’ve just made the ‘gravy’ for sausage casserole using this Delia recipe as a base.  I’ve actually used beer and stock for the liquid, not red wine and I have to cook the bacon lardons on the side as my youngest is vegetarian (he thinks eating animals is mean, and I respect his view even though the rest of us do eat meat).  I’ll also cook the sausages separately tomorrow, again so Charlie can have his favourite vegi ones. For tonight, we’re having homemade pizza, so the boys can choose their own toppings.  I just did a quick Delia Toasted Sweetcorn Salsa to have on the side, as I love it and if I leave the tabasco and tomatoes out the boys will eat it.  I am sooo far ahead, we’ve even finished topic homework – go me.

Right, I’m off to get the pizza base started 🙂