April Planting…


This post started with the title ‘Early April Planting’ but I kept forgetting to publish it – sorry about that!

Moving on with the sowing  lists, as the weather is really quite agreeable I’ve started:

Cucumbers Burpless Tasty Green (I totally forgot to buy any other variety seed)

Courgettes Black Forest & Zephyr

Melon Edonis

Sweetcorn Lapwing

Squash Crown Prince, Sweet Dumpling, Gem/Rolet, Queensland Blue, Turks Turban, Hooligan & Barbara Butternut F1 

Peas Twinkle & Purple Mangetouts

Broad Beans Crimson Flowered

Beans Barlotti

I’ve had to reluctantly set mouse traps in the greenhouse.  I’ve tried the live and let live method but the little critters are taking over the veg patch and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to grow anything without them eating it (the Alpine strawberries) or stealing the seed (any kind of pea or bean), so I’m taking action.

I’ve also started some Thai Basil, Lemon Grass, Parcel, Mint and Coriander (the last two, using seed saved from last year), all in the greenhouse.

The wild garlic planted in giant pots is doing well, it has self seeded all over the floor so I’ve transplanted the seedlings into a pot and I hope to move the lot under the trees, where we recently removed the lower branches to open up the space and allow for a fence.  I already have some bluebells in there and would like to eventually add wood anemones.

DSC_0048 DSC_0053

As it has taken me so long to actually publish this post, it’s now Easter morning (hence the cute guinea pig made by the fabulously talented ‘Miss Bumbles‘ at the top there).  Lucky me, I got a Heston Egg, and very nice it is too.  Sadly the sunshine we’ve been enjoying has given way to rain today, so my photos are shocking, it’s so very dark even up here in my studio (with its wall of glass).  I’ve promised the boys a (in house) egg hunt and then I’ll be cooking a big roast lunch, I should really get on with it!

Happy Easter 🙂


One thought on “April Planting…

  1. Happy Easter Beth 🙂 I love your cute miss bumbles creations and your Easter egg rocks! Have a lovely roast dinner with your family today, safxxx

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