Flower Planting Lists 2014


I took the boys geocaching in our local woods today, it’s a new ‘hobby’ for us and I am hoping it’ll get them outdoors with more enthusiasm.  That and I’m clearly a geek and like this kind of thing.

boys 1 boys 2 boys 3

They do make me laugh, they know photos on the phone get ‘auto’ enhanced, often being but into a motion sequence and C has taken to doing funny poses just for this purpose, I’m not sure if it’ll work in a blog post, but I do hope so.ryarsh wood flowers

The flowers are out in full force, it looks really nice and it reminded me that I have never posted my list for flower planting this year, so here it is 🙂


Cleome Violet Queen H-H Annual


Amaranthus Caudatus/Love-lies-bleeding Viridis H-H Annual

Salvia Patens/Sage H-H Annual

Schizanthus/Butterfly Plant Dr Badger H-H Annual

Antirrhinum/Snapdragon Liberty Classic Crimson H-H Annual

Aster Matsumoto Crimson & Matsumoto Blue H-H Annual

Didiscus Blue Lace H-H Annual

Tithonia Rotundiflora/Mexican Sunflower H-H Annual

Zinnia Sprite H-H Annual

Cosmos Versailles Tetra, Antiquity, Purity & Dazzler H-H Annual

Molucella Laevis/Bells Of Ireland H-H Annual

Nicotiana Alata/Tabacco Plant Lime Green H-H Annual

Physalis Alkelengi/Chinese Lanterns Perennial

Tragopogan Crocifolius/Salsify Perennial

Agapanthus/African Lily Dark Blue Perennial

Cerinthe Major/Honeywort HA

Nigella Damascena/Love-In-The-Mist HA

Ammi Majus/Bishop’s Flower HA

Euphorbia Oblogata/Spurge HA

Briza Maxima/Greater Quaking Grass HA

Burpleurum/Thorowax HA

Salvia Horminum Blue Clary HA

Centaurea Cyanus/Cornflower HA

Calendula Officinalis/Marigold Art Shades & Indian Prince HA

Nigella Damascena/Love-In-The-Mist Deep Blus HA

September – October

Sweet Pea Painted Lady, Matucana, Midnight & Blue Velevet


I’m not sure how many of the seeds will germinate, many of them are very old so I hope to finish them off and start fresh next year, but I figured if I make a list it’s more likely that I will at least try to remember to sow them!


6 thoughts on “Flower Planting Lists 2014

  1. Your boys look like such little characters 🙂 I love the little video of them together, very sweet. Your walk looks so lovely, the bluebells remind me of the walk me and H used to do when he lived in Torquay, so lovely, you can’t bet walks like that, safxxx

  2. I’ve never heard of geocaching, if it gets them outdoors that’s great! Good luck with the flowers. I’ve grown some old veg seeds that have germinated, so it’s best to try them and see.x

  3. That’s a wonderful list of flowers. Hope they all germinate ! Do you always grow snapdragon from seeds? I only have sporadic success with them,mostly because they are so small and get lost among my other spring interests. As of today i have only one surviving plant. So yesterday I splurged and bought a whole flat of them in the local market,48 young plants. Enjoy your spring flowers! -Lillian

    • Hi Lillian, Yes I’ve only ever grown snapdragon from seed. Weirdly, it always self-seeds in my greenhouse, I’ve no idea when the seeds fell on the floor but I tend to leave the plants there each year with the intention of trying to save the seeds then forget and more plants grown amongst my floor stones! I have only ever sown them in the greenhouse in seed trays though, or in my cutting beds where I guess they get a lot of light and maximum growing conditions, I do know they need light to germinate and you need to be careful not to flood the trays with water or the seeds just get washed away. I would do what you’ve done and just buy the plants, if I’m honest I do that more and more these days, I just don’t have the space for so many seed trays and it’s often so cheap it feels worth it. Good luck with your snapdragons, mine are not doing a lot right now! Bethx

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