Curly Whirly Cake…

Birthday Tea

For C’s B-Day my Sister was kind enough to lay on a lovely afternoon tea.  We were so spoilt.  Check out the comedy cheese and pineapple sticks…on BBQ skewers as she had no cocktail sticks.

swirly whirly cake

She also bought a Curly Whirly Cake from Konditor & Cook as she works right next to Borough Market.  It was DELICIOUS.  I’ve not heard of it before, but learnt it’s quite a famous cake and weirdly, when we were watching Eurovosion later (it’s a tradition and cannot be missed) the hosts gave the UK entry a Curly Whirly cake they’d had shipped over, knowing it was her favourite.  I googled it to find there is a recipe here, it doesn’t sound all that special, but I can recommend it highly, I’ll be having a go next time cake is needed in this house 🙂

Oh better still, if you live in the UK, you can order yourself one here!!

That’s all…just felt the need to share.



4 thoughts on “Curly Whirly Cake…

  1. How kind of your sister Beth, the bday spread looks amazing! Happy belated bday to Charlie, your boys look so chuffed in that pick 🙂 that cake looks very tasty, am going to check out the recipe now. My favourite type of cake is always chocolate so am very interested 😉 Hope your having a lovely weekend, safxxx

  2. What a fine feast – and oh the recipe for that cake was published in the Telegraph a few weekends ago and I have it firmly in my online trove of recipes now, so one day I may even taste it! 🙂

    • I looked at the recipe and it seemed fairy normal for a chocolate cake so I’m wondering if it’s just the technique they use because it really was a very delicious, moist, cake. I’d love to know how copying it turns out – might also have a go, but baking isn’t my strong point (doesn’t stop me trying, I should add). Bx

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