Garlic Crop 2014…

I pulled the garlic in late June, as rather stupidly, I had forgotten that using the sprinkler to water the patch (it’s very hot here at the moment and hand watering wasn’t cutting the mustard, the ground needs a good daily soak to keep the plants happy) meant I was also watering my garlic, which I had left to start drying out in the ground.

DSC_0139As a result, rust was just beginning show, it’s very mild and I know from last year that it wont effect the crop and it’s long-term keeping but it made sense to get the crop out of the ground and to remove any leaves badly affected before leaving the bulbs to dry in a sunny spot.DSC_0146I’ve just checked back in the blog but it appears I never wrote down the garlic variety I bought from The Garlic Farm last Autumn, I’m pretty sure it’ll be Solent Wight or the usual Albigensian….I have  feeling Albigensian.  I was worried that the mild winter might have stopped the growing bulbs from forming cloves, but it appears not to have.


I planted much less than I normally do, I bought a bag of four large bulbs (I’ve struggled in the past to find places to put all the cloves and I’ve ended up growing them in all available spaces, including in the flower borders) and they were also planted closer together, but I was much more diligent about watering and feeding the crop.  In return I have nice, uniformly large bulbs, not enough of them to see me through the entire year (once these are used up, it’ll be the first time in years that I have bought garlic) but I think I’ll stick with these smaller quantities, going forward.


They have been drying for some weeks and yesterday I plaited them up.  I good few were left loose in a big bowl as they need using first (the bulbs have split as they dried, offering the cloves less protection in the long run)
DSC_0150and a few were used green, as they are on the edge of beginning to rot, from sitting in the wet soil.

I have to do some general catch-up posts for this blog, it’s been hideously hot out in the garden so I’m really just tending to the basics, but we’re finally eating quite a bit of produce so I’ll try to write a few posts in coming weeks, and get back into the swing of regular blogging.


7 thoughts on “Garlic Crop 2014…

  1. Your rock cottage year blog always makes me so hungry Beth! Your garlic is looking good and lovely to grow your own and have such big bulbs of it, must be great using it through the year. Yesterday I went to a village called Wickham and got some herbs and coffee from a little shop there and thought I’d love to grow herbs and things one day if I have my own garden. I think you would like Wickham, its very pretty and has looks of fresh veg/ produce. It will be lovely to see the other things you’ve been growing 🙂 safxxx

    • Wickham sounds lovely, my kind of village. I rarely even go to ours these days as it’s so difficult to park and it’s all a bit busy and is mostly full of hairdressers and estate agents?! Sad really as it used to have a nice deli and a (not very nice, but at least it was an option) bakers when we first moved here….I think they just can’t compete with the Tesco Metro which rather dominates the high street. Bethxx

  2. We got the usual rust on ours again too. Like you, I planted less this year (just softneck, so no scapes for once) and worried that they wouldn’t form cloves, but though the bulbs are not the biggest they have ‘cloved up’ well and aren’t too bad a crop at all. Whew! I haven’t bothered plaiting ours though, yours look very smart.

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