We’re having a heatwave…

I started writing this post on July 16th, but the title still stands, we are most definitely still feeling the heat here in the UK.  It’s left the grass brown and the flower borders are struggling, but I have managed to keep the patch vaguely watered and the greenhouse gets a daily dose.DSC_0017 Earlier this month, I was very lucky to be invited along to the Hampton Court Flower Show.  I took some photos on my iPhone, but they aren’t great quality so I’ll skip posting them.  I really enjoyed the show, it’s the second time I’ve been….my main thoughts are there are less show gardens than I expected and they are quite difficult to see after midday, due to the crowds, we were lucky to get around most of them pre-lunch and then zoom through the flower tents afterwards, which are a real treat.  I bought some plants back, mostly for the boys

DSC_0022 C got a new succulent for his room, I was told that if we snap off the flowers, let them dry out for a couple of days then push them into soil, we’ll get new plants, so we are certainly going to try this.  I’d also bought the boys fly catchers, but these have gone into the bathroom so I remember to keep them watered (with rain water only), otherwise I’m sure they’ll be dead in a week.  The grass on the left is ‘bunny tails’ which has, as the name suggests, little fluffy tufts of grass heads on medium stalks.  It’s gone into the giant planter that has sat empty for months, along with herbs but that deserves a post of it’s own.DSC_0034 My crazy mixed bed where I threw all the reminder of the flower seed packets in has been dominated by self-seeded poppies.  They grow all over the garden and I’m making a point of removing the heads so I have a little more control over where they germinate next year.  They are nice, but not quite the shade I would choose.  I prefer darker reds, these are more of a pink hue, still, they do add colour when there isn’t a lot else going on.

DSC_0027The same bed is now full of marigolds (Indian Prince) which also self-seed all over the garden.

DSC_0188These are top of my ‘cut flower’ list so I don’t mind at all, they look a little scruffy in the photo as I’ve just been away for a few days, so the poor garden has dried terribly and no-one has been picking or dead-heading the plants.  You can see a single cornflower trying to push through, and there are nigellas as well, out of shot.
DSC_0195The only flowers I specifically planted that have made it are zinnias (just about to flower) and cosmos.  This chocolate colour was not expected though!  I was sure I’d be getting hot pinks but this might be another self-seeded number as it originally appeared in the gravel and was transplanted to its new spot in the raised bed.

In the next week, I need to get any winter veg started and hopefully we’ll get to eat the corn, potatoes, courgettes and broad beans that are nearly ready.  I HAVE to get some work done outdoors, but the heat is getting to me and I’d rather not go out there unless I have to.

DSC_0061I’m also up against it with my sewing work.  I’ve managed to finish and list this ‘gardening’ apron, but there is so much to get done for the busy season that is Autumn/Winter in the shop.  Too many things and not enough hours, but then isn’t that always the way 🙂



6 thoughts on “We’re having a heatwave…

  1. Yes, more to do than time to do it! Hope you’ve had some rain now… We’ve had a few hours of it, though it has still only touched the surface.

    Love the poppies (well, all the flowers) but I do wish poppies would grow in my garden.

    • It finally rained last night – hurrah! – but I don’t think it was enough to make a difference. We are lucky with the poppies, they were here when we arrived as the garden had been neglected for 25 years it had gone a bit wild, there was also a beautiful bank of lilly of the valley which the builders bulldozed before I got the chance to save any! shame 😦 I am full of enthusiasm to get the garden into shape once the heat goes, but I should know better, in past years the sun gives way to rain and cold so quickly that it tends to get left until Spring.

      • Yes, I’m feeling the same about the weather – except it’s painting the front door. Looks like it might not get the top coats if it rains on all the days I’m free to do it. Oh, what a pessimist I am – August can be beautiful weather.

  2. Hi Beth,
    your gardens flowers are looking gorgeous 🙂 Also very pretty finds at the Chelsea flower show, me and H have been admiring them this morning 🙂 Good luck with your autumn/winter sewing, I love that gardening apron, its gorgeous. Thankfully it rained last night and a bit this morning so hopefully it will cool down, here’s hoping! I’m going to an interview this thursday, so am trying to get everything ready for it, it makes me feel sick every time I think about it though. Hope your having a lovely holiday with your boys 🙂 safxxx

  3. All looking beautiful. Interestingly some of our Cosmos are coming up a brownish colour – certainly not what we were expecting. My favourites are a white called “Cosmonaut” and that incredibly deep yet vibrant pink. Love them every year.

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