Ding Dong Merrily…

I’ve just done my very last trip to buy food, and I don’t plan the leave the house again for at least a week! I’ve had a Ocado order booked for ages, but there were a few things I’d missed, including some cabbages to tie from the chicken runs, to try to distract the chickens from being kept indoors, for the 30 day bird flu prevention.dsc_0089It’s just me and the boys for Christmas Day this year (with guests coming Boxing Day), which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve done loads of early freezer preparation and cheated quite a bit. We’ve still gone for a proper turkey (free range Kelly Bronze) as I know we’ll eat all the left overs and make some broth from the bones, so I’m happily to cook more than we need; Charlie (who’s vegetarian) has chosen a vegan M’hanncha from Jamie Oliver’s new book (I have to restrict my Christmas book buying, but this one seems worth the space). The boys, much to my disappointment, don’t do bread sauce, or Gran’s stuffing balls, so I’ve made those ahead, separated them into small batches and frozen them for me to have whenever we cook a roast bird (recipes in this post).dsc_0092The boys don’t much like Christmas pudding either…or sprouts (sometimes I wonder if they are really mine – ha ha), so I wasn’t going to bother, but again, it isn’t Christmas for me without my Gran’s recipe pudding, so I made a small batch with a bigger pudding (for Boxing Day) and a mini one for me on Christmas Day (recipe here). The boys will be having Heston toffee puddings, which I hope are nicer than his mince pies, which we found to be far too sweet. I made a batch of homemade ginger ice cream, to this recipe, as compensation for microwave puddings!beth-apronMy apron comes out every year for the festive season, as I love wearing it (the above is Christmas Day in France a while ago…..I’m looking very rosy-cheeked so no doubt rather a lot of wine has already been opened by the time the above photo was taken!), this year was no exception and it first appeared in November, ready for making the cake and puddings. In my head, I swan around serenely in a clean kitchen, with Bing Crosby singing in the background, ideally properly dressed and in makeup. In reality, I’m usually a bit stressed and sporting my usual bag lady look and trying to rush everything, before a school run.dsc_0206I did make a new apron for this year, but never managed to get it photographed in time for the shop. Still, I have one tucked away for me to wear on the day itself, and even though it’s just me and the boys, I plan to get dressed up and maybe put some slap on, as that will make me happy 🙂freddieThat’s it really. I just didn’t want to finish the year without a Christmas post so Merry Christmas everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Ding Dong Merrily…

  1. Merry Christmas dear Beth! to you and your lovely boys, enjoy your day together, sounds like bliss 🙂 You sound so organised… I’m completely the opposite this year, haven’t remembered cards, haven’t wrapped any presents and haven’t done any food prep just made some chocolate for my folks but have to do more after work tonight. Have been working up till xmas so that’s my excuse!!! Hope you have a wonderful time and wonderful new year, love Safxxx

    • Dear Saf, you know me, I like to be organised, it makes me feel less stressed 🙂 I have vertigo again, so it’s been a bit of a mixed bag around here, and some of my neighbours have had dreadful news over past days so I’m mostly just grateful we’re all well and together. Without wanting to sound too smug and organised (touch wood!) I’m about to write a timing plan for cooking the Christmas lunch, so I don’t have to think at all on the day as the boys will be hyper and crazy and up at dawn, no doubt. I hope you get to relax soon and that you have a truly great Christmas with your family and H. I keep meaning to email you, we should try and meet up in 2017? we’ve been chatting so long here in blogworld 🙂 Bxx

  2. Oh no, I do hope your vertigo goes away, lots of rest is needed I reckon. I know what you mean about being grateful to be together and healthy and happy, I feel the same with my family and H needs a rest (he’s been ill with various things while working at the school, recovering from a sickness bug) so I’m glad he’s got a couple of weeks off . Were having a frugal xmas here but in a way its better and less pressure really 🙂 As soon as I finishe work I’m ganna go do the last minute food shop and more chocolate prep and wrapping! ahhh!!! Oh, I wish I was as organised as you Beth, the plan for cooking your xmas lunch sounds like a brilliant idea as like you say it can get hectic. Have a lovely time with your boys, sounds ideal, relaxing at home together 🙂 Would love to meet you in 2017! Would be wonderful to meet you 🙂 Saf xxx

    p.s. I watched The Red Shoes and am obsessed with the dance scene, loved the film, thank you for recommending it, its brilliant!xxx

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