2017 Vegetable Planting Lists…

Really, this post is for me; sorry it’s so boring.


Here we go with the lists for 2017:


Strawberry Mount Everest

Tomatoes Brandywine, San Marzano, Tigerella & Ildi, Rainbow Blend (from Thompson & Morgan)

Sweet Pepper Worldbeater

Artichoke Violette di Chioggia

Broad Bead Crimson Flowered


Red Onion Red Arrow

Shallots Longor

Elephant Garlic

Spinach Bordeaux

Cucumbers Tiffany, Crystal Apple

Courgettes Zephyr

Melon Orange Sherbert

Radish French Breakfast, Sparkler & Cherry Bell, Rainbow Mix (from Thompson & Morgan)

Kohl Rabi F1 Hybrid

Peas Whatever I’ve got left

Sweetcorn Lark

Herbs Dill, Chives, Garlic Chives, French Sorrel, Thyme, Mint


Swiss Chard Bright Lights & White Silver

Beetroot Pablo, Bolthardy, Coloured Mix (Thompson & Morgan)

Spring Onions Welsh Red Stem & North Holland Blood Red

Broccoli Red Arrow & Rudolph & Kailaan No 2

Carrots Mixed seed

Turnip Snowball

Lettuce Various varieties

Herbs Thai Basil, Sweet Basil, Winter Savory and many more…

Squash Crown Prince, Sweet Dumpling, Gem/Rolet, Queensland Blue, Turks Turban, Hooligan & Barbara Butternut F1, Potimarron, 


Pak Choi Rubi

Spinach Perpetual (Leaf Beat)



Kale Cavolo Nero & Red Russian

Herbs Parcel, Cress (Bubbles)

I placed an order with Thompson & Morgan and below is what’s new this year (already included in the lists above):


dsc_0044Also, just for fun, I’m growing mushrooms indoors (in the utility room at the moment) as someone on the radio said one of the best things you can eat that you’ve home-grown (and see how amazingly different they are) are mushrooms….we’ll see!

dsc_0040We can’t stop eating the Chocolate Rye Brownies from Gill Meller’s ‘Gather’…..I think I’m addicted.

dsc_0035Finally, we’re sad the snow only stayed for one night :(, but the boys did manage to get sledges out and push each other around the garden, plus make a snowman (in the dark, whilst using torches!!) but I think that the chickens are happy as the poor things keep taking it in turns to molt and are almost naked. I think the warm (so far) winter has confused them.

More snow tomorrow, for an hour or so before it turns to rain? I do hope so 🙂


8 thoughts on “2017 Vegetable Planting Lists…

  1. Hey Beth, glad to hear your boys enjoyed some snow, we didn’t get any down here in the end but I still keep hoping! Hope you get some more, it’s so pretty isn’t it. Oh my god, I think I need to get that ‘Gather’ book, your brownies look delicious! I’m on a baking ban at the mo as H wants us both to loss weight but all I can think about is cake 🙂 Hope your having a lovely weekend, love safxxx

    • Hello lovely Saf, the snow really didn’t last long 😦 I had high hopes for today but all we got was very cold rain. It’s been years since we had a proper covering, that stayed for a while, here in Kent. I miss Yorkshire snow and all the things that come with it…..funny as I never remember getting a day off school for snow, but then I guess they are more used to it and ready and all the roads get gritted etc, down here it’s a total drama if even a few flakes hit the ground. Charlie has decided we should go and live in Canada as he wants a proper snowy landscape 🙂 Bxxx Oh, if you do try the brownies, I bet you could do a flour free version as they are quite a heavy texture anyway so an alternative to flour might work well.

    • Hello. I used to grow cucumber very successfully, but in recent years, we haven’t done so well, so I’m going back to the original seeds, crystal apple and tiffany – let’s hope for better results this year and yes, crystal apples are lovely and such fun as they are a little different! I like the idea of growing pickling cucumbers/gherkins, which we’ve also tried before but I never had enough at once to manage a pickle batch 😦 Happy New Year and thank you for commenting.

      • You are welcome, good luck with those cucumbers! The other two varieties I really like are Marketmore, but particularly Passandra, if you ever feel the need to try anything else new 🙂 Happy New Year and here’s to good year of gardening.

    • Merryhill sell kits that are ready to fruit, so they do all the work (brilliant!), all you have to do is remember to spray them with water a few times each day, which I have to admit, is a bit of a challenge for me but I put them in the downstairs utility room which I’m always going into so I couldn’t forget.

      • Yes, it is easy to forget to spray them. Now, I have a shed I might try again as at this time of year or in the autumn it possibly has the right conditions for them.

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