I was lucky to be born surrounded by beautiful countryside (The Yorkshire Dales) and beautiful gardens.  My Mother always had a lovely garden as did my Gran (she was always delighted that people would stop to photograph it).  I took little interest as a child, but once I owned my first house with some outside space I got caught with the bug. I started by adding to the small cottage walled garden (in Kent) of my last house before moving to my current home, where I live with my two boys.  When I bought the property, it had a 1/3 acre of head high brambles and weeds, this blank space has allowed me to grow vegetables for the first time by creating a decent sized ‘patch’ of raised beds, along with new flower borders.  I learnt everything I know from books and the internet and have started this blog to keep a record of my amateur efforts.

There will also be a good mention of food in this blog, mainly things cooked with the garden produce, but also pickling, jams and my odd attempt at baking.  Again, I was lucky to be born into a very food orientated family and so love to cook, bake and stuff anything I can into a jar.  I like to pick mushrooms, make elderberry wine (not very well, no-one will drink it) and sloe gin is a must.  I hope you find something of interest in reading this blog, happy reading!

2 thoughts on “About

    • Oh yes, very much in kent and I make the most of all those lovely hedgerows!! I still have a single bottle of elderflower wine stashed in the back of the drinks cupboard, I secretly wish it to become drinkable, given time 🙂

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