March Planting Lists…

For those living in the UK, I don’t need to tell you we are experiencing some glorious weather here at the moment.  The down side to all this early sun (and we are talking shorts and T-shirts…we are British so you have to forgive the tendency to get legs and arms out at the slightest hint of blue skies) is it has been announced that a hose pipe ban will begin in the new few days.  It’s not that I spend endless hours watering my garden, but I do like to keep the vegetable patch damp enough to let the seedlings and slug nematodes (which I put on a few days ago) have half a chance and this coupled with the fact I am lazy busy means things will become more difficult, and the waterbutt with it’s lovely bird tap is nearly empty.  I think I need to invest in more for nest year.  Hey-ho, it’s the way it needs to be but I am wavering on maybe cutting back on my planting plans….so far, we have added to February’s lists (and planted under cloches, outside):

Beetroot – Pronto & Burpless Golden

Broad Beans – Crimson Flower

Turnip – Snowball

Peas – Ronda & Sugar snap

Radish (to add to those already planted) – French Breakfast

Inside I have started off some

Courgettes (Defender x 2 & Soleil x 2).

I am itching to put more in but the other thing to consider is even though we are having glorious days, the night temperatures are still quite low and I hear this sunshine might not last.  In fact there was talk of snow ‘Up North’ over the weekend.  The other things is we are planning a few days away soon so I wont be able to water any seedlings and there is little point setting them off. The plus side is that we have some lovely Spring flowers well into bloom.
The anemones in my cutting patch are showing off nicely and the narcissus are about to have their turn, along with the tulips.  I tried in vain to take a decent photo but it’s just too bright out there, causing too much shadow and washed out colour.  You’ll just have to trust me that the Spring flowers are looking very lovely.